Porsche Centre Cyprus

Porsche Centre Cyprus

Important Update for COVID-19

To Our Valued Customers:

Porsche Center Cyprus is taking preventative actions to help protect its staff and valued customers against the COVID-19 Virus. We have implemented a scheduled cleaning routine during business hours to thoroughly disinfect all surfaces and general contact areas.

We have hand sanitizer available at all customer contact areas and within our buildings.

We are doing everything that we can to ensure that we are actively slowing the pace and impact of this virus. We are particularly sensitive to protecting the higher risk members of our organization and the community.

During this time, we ask that you reimburse A.I. Motokinisi Ltd for our services with a debit and credit card or any other type of contactless payment rather than cash, if possible.

For your better assistance, if you do not wish to visit our facilities, we will do our best to assist you via email or telephone.

With a joined effort from all us, we can fight the COVID-19 Virus. Stay safe.

Motokinisi Limited was founded on the 4th of February in 1993 by Alkis Iacovides, and it is the official importer and distributor of Porsche in Cyprus.

Our Mission Statement:

We are committed to provide an impeccable service to our demanding clientele of premium cars.
Pay our customers with the greatest possible attention and care in all aspects of the business.
To create a connection in the workplace, with shared passion for our vision and goals.
To have motivated, hard working and empowered employees.
Maintain commitment to our corporate social responsibility.

Our Vision:

‘Look towards the future with the knowledge of our past.’
Passion - our commitment touches our heart and mind to develop our company further with time.
Leadership - the courage to shape a better future and be flexible and proactive.
Innovation - we search, we imagine, we create , we delight but at the same time honour and protect the traditions and policies of our franchises.
Our vision for the future is to represent both volume and premium brands and be the number one company in terms of after sales and customer service.

Our Values:

Responsibility: Our responsibility is care for our customers and value our employees and be sensitive towards social and environmental issues.
Trust: Work hard daily to build mutual trust with our colleagues and partners.
Teamwork: Respecting and valuing our employees and creating a positive work environment.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility:

As a high-involvement organization we ensure that there is a consensus about the direction our business is heading including our organization's perpetual commitment to practices that pertain to global environmental norms and to a wide scope of involvement apt to charitable aid.