Porsche - Ultra High-Performance Tyres

Ultra High-Performance Tyres

The peak of sporting performance:
Ultra high-performance tyres with the N-marking.

For an even more pronounced sports car feeling, we recommend ultra high-performance tyres for your Porsche.Their reduced tread depth produces such effects as greater dry traction and driving pleasure, both on the race track and on public roads. Like all Porsche-recommended tyres with the N-marking, our ultra high-performance tyres are also subjected to rigorous testing. We develop our tyres together with the engineers of leading manufacturers, which means you can rest assured that they are of the highest quality. Because you and your Porsche deserve nothing but the best.

By the way: you can recognise Porsche-recommended tyres by the N-marking on the tyre wall. Additional information about ultra high-performance tyres is available at your local Porsche Centre.

Developed with our motor racing expertise.

Ultra high-performance tyres are designed for use on racing circuits (driver safety training, performance driving training, motorsport). These tyres have better dry weather grip than normal street tyres. Their wear characteristics are optimised, and they have a lower tread depth. In addition, these tyres have a specialised tread pattern and substructure.

N-marked ultra high-performance tyres:
More grip, greater driving pleasure.

It’s quite incredible: our nerves send motion commands to our brains at speeds of up to 300 km/h. That’s very fast, yet N-marked ultra high-performance tyres can carry out steering inputs instantaneously. At high speeds, every millisecond counts. That’s why you can always rely on ultra high-performance tyres with the N-marking. We develop each tyre in cooperation with leading tyre manufacturers so that they are perfectly suited to the specific requirements of a Porsche. That means greater performance and superior safety.

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