The car911 RSR

A timeline extending from 1963 into the future:
as true as a racing line.

The quintessence of a success story. For many this would be a fitting conclusion. For Porsche, it's just a half-way point. With the 911 RSR, we have given new expression to Fascination Sports Car. And taken another step closer to creating the perfect thoroughbred racing car.

A car that not only carries the motor sports gene inside it, but more importantly carries it further. From the development center in Weissach to the race tracks of the world. And brings back something that was always more valuable to Porsche than victories, fame or honor: insight. Experiences that will bring future generations of the 911 further. Technologies that will prove their worth on the race track so that they can be used in series production. So as not just to keep Ferry Porsche's dream of the ideal race car alive, but to keep breathing new life into it.

There can be no doubt that the 911 RSR has already shown its genetic heritage in its very first season. And we are convinced that it will also be the measure of all things in GT factory motor sports in the future. Because it is not just the sum of all our experiences and successes over the years. It is the quintessence of all these things.