Origin911 RSR

Staying firmly on the ground is a question of physics.
It’s also about inner attitude.

No one can deny their origins. Where we come from defines how we act – and the same is true for the 911 RSR. What athlete does not feel the inner urge to strive for new levels of performance? What high-performance competitor does not have the drive to rise above himself?

The origin of the 911 RSR lies amid the untouched countryside of the Stuttgart region. At the Research and Development Center in Weissach and the Motorsport Center in Flacht. This is where an extreme sports vehicle is built on the basis of the seventh generation of the 911: by hand. With millimeter-accurate precision and years of experience and skill in every touch.

Each individual vehicle is a challenge of both craftsmanship and technology. A challenge that is being overcome by employees who are sworn to this task alone. In constant exchange with works drivers, who keep contributing their ideas. All with the same goal: to create the best possible working machine for GT long distance racing for the Porsche works team and, in the future, for the customer teams too. Passion, spirit of engineering, craftsmanship and a down-to-earth approach, both emotional and physical, are shaping the entire development process of the top Porsche GT racing car model. Because at Porsche it is not simply a matter of finding extra power. But of creating a masterpiece, every single time. A standard to which the success story of the 911 is bound.