Technology911 RSR

For us, thinking not just in terms of victories, but instead always in terms of the future means questioning even the tiniest details. Every vehicle part. Every individual screw. Every second of every lap. Consistent lightweight construction is indispensable. Because every gram of weight saved makes an impact in terms of lower consumption and faster lap times.

From the very outset, the vehicle was developed to be suitable for long distance driving. The body structure, with a longer wheelbase and optimized air routing compared to its predecessor, sets the scene for the pure power that is just waiting to be unleashed. This power is provided by a water-cooled flat-six engine with 4-valve technology. This delivers 346 kW (approx. 470 hp) – limited by a restrictor – that is transferred to the rear axle by a sequential 6-speed Porsche GT racing transmission developed specifically for long-distance racing. The paddle shift system ensures both a comfort and speed advantage when changing gear.

The relentless forward momentum of the 911 RSR is reined in by a brake system comprising 6-piston monobloc fixed calipers at the front and 4-piston aluminum monobloc fixed calipers at the rear. The chassis with double-wishbone suspension at the front and a multi-link suspension at the rear, adjustable 4-way vibration dampers and sword-type anti-roll bar delivers the required confident handling in every maneuver whether on the straight or in chicanes.

The aerodynamics have also been optimized further with the axle geometry. For even greater efficiency, thanks to less drag with simultaneously higher downforce. This reduces the tendency towards understeering and enables higher cornering speeds.

In addition, one area came in for particular attention during development: safety. The uncompromising way in which this was realized by our engineers, even with this extreme interpretation of sportiness, is evident in the welded-in roll cage, the revamped FT3 safety fuel tank and the optimized fire extinguishing system, as just a few examples. A clear statement of the importance that Porsche places on safety in motor sports - despite the consistent lightweight construction.