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Event rooms in the Museum

For elegant occasions and unforgettable events, it will be hard to find a place better than the Porsche Museum. After all, any encounter with Porsche is something special. Spanning 600 square meters, the conference area provides everything event organizers might need for their particular occasion - independently of the museum’s opening hours. State-of-the-art technology is available for meetings, seminars, conferences, lectures, or motion picture presentations, including workstations for journalists. This setting is equally well suited for press conferences as for vehicle presentations and new model introductions.

Mobile partition walls are available to create the appropriate room size for any seating arrangement. This location provides an absolutely unique ambience for special events. Maximum flexibility combined with the inimitable Porsche atmosphere allows any event to become a memorable experience. On top level you can enjoy a vintage wine along with a sweeping view of Porscheplatz and the factory grounds.

The Porsche Museum can also provide you with the space to stage extraordinary events: a roof terrace covering 800 square metres, separated from the conference area by a glass wall, is ready and waiting to be used for your special occasion. Invite your guests to a pleasant outdoor gathering in the open air – during a break in a conference, for example, or to round off a successful day. Or organise your own lounge party.

Also apart from our outstanding event area we also offer the opportunity to experience an unforgettable stay at our museum. Therefore we provide you more than 23.000 horsepower: We open for you our exhibition area exclusively after 6 p.m. You can choose between inviting your guests for a personal guided tour or walking trough our exhibition individually with an Audio Guide.

Celebrate a condignly start and conclusion with your guests at our Foyer. Our event team is pleased to support you.


Mobile partition walls enable different room sizes
Microphone system
Videoconference system
Large projection screen
Interpreter cabin
Surround equipment

Contact and booking

You'd like to book our Event Area for an occasion of your own? Please leave us a message and we will contact you. You can contact us by telephone at the following number:

0049 (0)711 - 911 21 911

911 Targa 4 Models: Fuel consumption* combined: 9,0 – 7,9 l/100 km, CO2 emissions* combined: 208 – 182 g/km

* Data determined in the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) in accordance with the Euro 6 (715/2007/EC, 195/2013/EC and ECE-R 101.01) measurement method. The figures do not refer to an individual vehicle nor do they constitute part of the offer. They are intended solely as a means of comparing different types of vehicle. Fuel consumption calculated for vehicles with standard specification only. Actual consumption and performance may vary with items of optional equipment. A vehicle’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions depend not only on its efficient use of fuel but also on driving style and other non-technical factors. The latest Porsche models with a petrol engine are designed to operate on fuels with an ethanol content of up to 10 %. You can obtain further information about individual vehicles from your Porsche Centre. Consumption figures were obtained on the basis of standard equipment. Special equipment may affect consumption and performance.

Visitor information

The opening hours remain unchanged – Tuesdays to Sundays from 9 to 18.

Porscheplatz 1
70435 Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen


0049 (0) 800 - 3560911

Factory tours

Factory tours cannot be offered before September 2020. We kindly ask for your understanding.


Upcoming events


We are glad that we can open the Porsche Museum for you again from 12 May 2020.

The restart of museum operations will be in line with the requirements of the Federal Government and the State of Baden-Württemberg for protection against infection with the coronavirus. This includes, for example, a new guidance system in the entire building to ensure a minimum distance of 1.50 m between visitors. We kindly ask for your understanding that for your protection and that of our employees, we will limit the number of visitors to 250 by a controlled entrance.

We also provide face masks and disinfectants during your visit at the Porsche museum. In order to ensure that everything runs smoothly on site and that the specifications are respected, we would ask you to follow the illustrated instructions both in front of as well as in the Porsche Museum.

The opening hours remain unchanged – Tuesdays to Sundays from 9 to 18.

General Information:
Phone: +49 (0) 800 3560-911

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