Porsche N-marking

Porsche N-marking

Another Porsche development:

Porsche N-marked tyres primarily differ from other tyres due to their special design. They provide excellent driving stability – and maximum driving pleasure. During development, the tyre geometry and rubber composition, in particular, are tailored to Porsche vehicles. And this applies to all tyres. Be it all-season, summer, winter or high-performance tyres.

All the tyres available from your Porsche Service Advisor at your Porsche Centre have been thoroughly tested and approved by Porsche. This is distinguishable by the N-marking which is always specified in the tyre's technical data, and abbreviated to N0, N1, N2, N3, N4, N5 and N6. The marking refers to the technical status at the time approval was obtained, and progressively increases. A Porsche-approved tyre ensures that your vehicle retains its original driving performance and safety margins, even after being fitted with a new replacement tyre.

Porsche N-marked tyres primarily differ from other tyres in terms of their geometry, rubber composition and testing methods which includes several important criteria. These consist of three main areas:

  1. subjective outdoor criteria, such as handling and driving comfort
  2. outdoor criteria, such as day braking performance and service life
  3. indoor criteria, such as rolling resistance and performance at high speed

The tangible result is driving pleasure and safety.